"You are like Superman...going around fixing the world!" Kelli, Togo's


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Question: In a sentence, can you please explain why I should hire EPC?
Question: Why is it in my company’s best interest to leverage EPC IT Solutions over your competition?
Question: What is EPC Care?
Question: What specific services are included in EPC Care?
Question: What is EPC Help Desk?
Question: I have a limited budget; how can we achieve our company’s core IT needs – without breaking the bank?
Question: Every single day, it seems like we have another problem with our existing network. Can EPC come in and revamp our network infrastructure - without disrupting our daily business?
Question: Do you work mostly on-site or remote?
Question: How much are your plans?
Question: We already have a full time internal IT Staff. How can EPC help us?
Question: We already work with an IT Company. How do we transition over to EPC?
Question: What industries do you specialize in?
Question: What is the best way to utilize your Business IT Solutions?
Question: I'm the in-house IT Project Manager looking for help to augment our latest upgrade. Can I secure EPC to consult and guide us through this process to reach the best possible conclusion?
Question: How big should my company be to benefit from professional Business IT?
Question: I've worked with other Bay Area IT Companies before and I would receive bills for supposed work competed - without ANY notification. How does EPC manage My IT Network?
Question: I am not IT savvy. It's crucial that you can anticipate what services will benefit my company, without tacking on stuff I really don't need. How do you determine what's in my company's best interest?
Question: I’m really excited about what EPC can do for my company. What is the best way to move forward with you?